The first step is to register online using the registration portal: www.seedguard.eu/registrierung.

The company data entered during registration is sent directly to SeedGuard. The company is then sent a system contract. All system documents can also be downloaded from the SeedGuard website.

If a company decides to participate in the ESTA/SeedGuard certification system, the process to join is as follows:

The company sends back the signed contract. The signed contract is a prerequisite for the issue of the ESTA/SeedGuard certificate.

After that:

- The participant selects a certification body approved by ESTA / SeedGuard.
- SeedGuard sends the confirmation of participation.
- The treatment sites to be certified are registered by the company.
- First inspection of the treatment site.

SeedGuard charges an annual fee for participation in the certification system in accordance with Section 8 of the system contract. The official terms and conditions can be seen here.



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