Triggered by massive losses of bee colonies in 2008 which was found to be caused by insecticidal dust that was released into the environment when sowing treated maize that poisoned the bees. In response, German lawmakers issued an emergency ordinance prohibiting the use of insecticidal treatments for rape-seed and maize and stipulated technical modifications to sowing equipment to reduce dust drift.  Since then, other permanent legislation has banned several active substances and stricter guidelines on use have been imposed stipulating that approved active substances may only be applied in pro-fessional seed treatment facilities which are registered in the index of "Seed Treatment Facilities with Quality Assur-ance Systems to Minimise Dust"  of the Julius Kühn Institute …(NT6991) What triggered this step were the requirements for a uniform framework of action for quality assurance measures in seed treatment facilities based on Di-rective 21/2010/EC at EU level.

The SeedGuard organisation was founded in May 2011 by affected economic actors in the agriculture and seed Treatment sector in Germany to set up an effective and practically oriented certification system to meet the quality assurance measures required by law and have it inspected by an independent certification body.

The SeedGuard system is a newly approved certification system which means that this website will undergo continuous change and optimisation. We would be happy to receive any suggestions or comments about our website at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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